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What Are the Consequences of a California Domestic Violence Charge?

Posted In: 23 Jan 2020 in Blog & Domestic Violence

Every domestic dispute case is unique. Therefore, the consequences of a domestic violence offense depend upon a variety of factors. Many offenses could be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, which would result in different penalties. Determination is based on the circumstances of the situation, whether any injuries occurred, the seriousness of incurred injuries and […]

Common Mistakes People Make After Being Pulled Over by the Police

Posted In: 30 Dec 2019 in Blog & Drug Charges & DUI

Being pulled over by the police can be a scary experience. Recent news stories do not help how the public perceives traffic stops. For instance, there was that one recent story in New Jersey where police pulled over a young man and performed a cavity search for marijuana. Most traffic stops are not this eventful. […]

Your Rights When Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges

Posted In: 11 Nov 2019 in Blog & Domestic Violence

Defending yourself against domestic violence charges can be difficult. However, you do have certain rights and options that may help you throughout the process. First and foremost, you should get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance in building your case. After that, it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the […]

Murder vs Manslaughter

Posted In: 15 Oct 2019 in Blog

While murder and manslaughter are different charges, some people may not understand what exactly makes them different from one another. In addition, murder charges are usually defined as first or second-degree depending on the severity of the crime. Manslaughter, on the other hand, can be voluntary or involuntary. The main difference between these two charges […]

What to Do If You Get Stopped for a DUI

Posted In: 13 Sep 2019 in Blog & DUI

Most drivers in California have never been stopped for a DUI, which means that many do not know how to properly interact with the police and protect their legal rights. However, you could find yourself in a situation where you are stopped by an officer after having a few drinks with your friends. Although you […]

What If I Get Pulled Over and My Passenger Is Drinking?

Posted In: 05 Jan 2019 in Blog & DUI

Many people are aware that getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is illegal. But you may have taken on the responsibility of being a designated driver and are taking a friend home as a passenger in your vehicle. If your passenger is drinking an alcoholic beverage while you are driving, you may be fined […]

What Happens After Being Served With a California Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

Posted In: 07 Dec 2018 in Blog & Domestic Violence

Under California law, you could be served with a restraining order for a multitude of reasons. A domestic violence restraining order is used when there has been alleged abuse from a spouse, former spouse or someone the plaintiff is dating or used to date. It can also be used when there has been alleged abuse […]

What Does Immunity Mean for a Witness?

Posted In: 15 Feb 2018 in Blog

When a witness is brought in for questioning, they may be asked to provide evidence that could potentially incriminate them. The Fifth Amendment, however, protects witnesses from sharing incriminating information against themselves should it be invoked, and the witness refuses to answer any more questions. However, it is possible for an investigator to push past […]

Marijuana Breathalyzer Completes Field Testing in California

Posted In: 20 Jan 2018 in Blog

A marijuana breathalyzer developed by Hound Labs in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley finished field testing in California. The breathalyzer, which detects concentrations of THC in a person’s breath, is the latest in cannabis detecting technology to stop drivers from driving high. The device works like the alcohol breathalyzer test. The suspected driver […]

What Acts Are Considered Stalking in California?

Posted In: 20 Nov 2017 in Blog

In many cases, people are accused of stalking even though under the definition of the law, they did not commit any acts that would be considered stalking in California. Definition of Stalking in California CA.gov features a page on stalking in California. The page has a section on it regarding behaviors that are defined as […]