The Yellow Scarlet License PlateThe Scarlet License Plate

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As part of an effort by the Ohio state legislature to crack down on DUI offenses, Ohio law requires the use of bright yellow license plates following most DUI convictions. This law is mandatory for all first time offenders with an excessive BAC and for all repeat DUI offenders. Unless the first DUI offense qualifies by having a low-end result from a chemical test (less than 0.17), restricted plates must be used on each and every vehicle the offender uses during their post-conviction limited driving privileges.
Other states have or have made similar attempts at laws designed to curb DUI-related offenses. Michigan requires drivers to surrender their metal license plates and replaces them with a temporary paper tag for the DUI offender. The Florida legislature considered a senate bill requiring the issuance of a pink license plate having the first three letters to read “D-U-I.” What’s more concerning, however, was the Florida bill proposed the added ability of police officers to pull over these pink-plated vehicles without probable cause, raising obvious concerns with civil liberty and privacy groups including the ACLU.
Although not as ostensibly shaming as Ohio law, California law requires the installation and use of an Ignition Interlock Device following any DUI conviction in Alameda County. This mandate is part of the pilot program of DMV conditions for reinstating a restricted drivers license following DUI convictions in Alameda, Los Angeles, Tulare and Sacramento Counties.

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