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If you have been a victim of a crime that has left you vulnerable and in need of long-term protection, you need a trusted team to ensure that you are given every right possible. There are many different legal procedures that take place prior to being granted witness protection. If you feel as though you are in need, contact the Alameda County witness protection attorney at The Law Offices of Louis J. Goodman.

There may come a time when the government and its agents want to talk to you, and you do not want to talk to them. Not every contact with a police agency requires that an attorney represent you, but some do. If you have any hesitancy to talk to the police, you probably need an attorney to represent you in interactions with the police. Louis J. Goodman is an experienced criminal law attorney who can assist you in any criminal related case.

Who Is Eligible to Be Covered by Witness Protection?

The decision for someone to receive witness protective services is the responsibility of the Office of the Attorney General. (18 United States Code section 3521.) The U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Enforcement Operations then approves protective services for the witness or their family, granted they provide testimony in a case. If the individual’s witness testimony proves to be useful to the case, and if testifying puts the individual or their family’s life in danger, the Office of Enforcement Operations can offer services through the witness protection program.

Choosing to enter the program is a decision that is made by the witness, and is not a service offered to all witnesses who choose to testify. The Justice Department officials decide who gets offered these services and the decision is typically made after speaking with the investigative professionals. Sometimes, attorneys representing individuals who are potential witnesses will negotiate with officials on the behalf of their clients about entry into the witness protection program. The Attorney General’s Office identifies five specific types of cases in which a witness could be allowed into the witness protection program. These include:

  • Organized crime and gang activity
  • Drug trafficking or distribution
  • Any serious federal felony that could lead to retaliation against a witness
  • Any serious state felony that could lead to retaliation against a witness, and
  • Any civil or administrative proceeding that could put a witness in critical danger.

What Are My Individual Rights in Witness Protection?

Even if you are a witness and not a suspect, the government may not have your best interests in mind. Fortunately, the Constitution protects important individual rights. An experienced witness protection attorney will help to enforce these rights when appropriate to ensure that you are fully protected.

On the State Level:

Here is a typical situation. You are the “victim” of a domestic violence charge. You called the police in the heat of the moment, hoping that the police would deescalate your partner and leave it at that. In some cases this will not happen, and arrest was made and now the Prosecutor is demanding that you appear in court and testify. And you do not want to testify for fear of further harm, and to avoid your risk, you want to drop the charges.

Under the California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1219, you have rights that protect you from testifying. Our office can help you protect those rights.

On the Federal Level:

Lying to an FBI agent is a serious federal offense. Don’t do it. Exercise your right to remain silent for the moment and call an experienced witness protection agent like Louis J. Goodman.

The Federal Government has enormous powers. The Department of Justice and the United States Attorneys typically investigate and prosecute serious cases that concern high value target defendants. The investigation can cast a wide net. If the FBI wants to talk to you it may be as a witness, and you may or may not want to cooperate with that investigation. My legal team can help you evaluate your interests and assist you in protecting your rights in dealing with a federal investigation.

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Whether dealing with local, state, or federal authorities, our office can protect your rights and interests as a witness. If you have questions about your rights and the possible outcomes of your case contact an experienced law firm today. Our Alameda County witness protection attorney can work to bring you peace of mind by answering your questions. If you need immediate options as a witness in a criminal case, we can negotiate with prosecutors. Contact The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman online or call (510) 582-9090 to schedule a free consultation.