There may come a time when the government and its agents want to talk to you, and you do not want to talk to them. Not every contact with a police agency requires that you be represented by an attorney, but some do.  If you think you might need an attorney to talk to the police, you probably do need an attorney to talk to the police.

Even if you are a witness and not a suspect, the government may not have your best interests in mind.  Fortunately, the Constitution protects important individual rights.

On the State Level:

Here’s a typical situation. You are the “victim” of a Domestic Violence charge. You called the police in the heat of the moment, hoping that the police would give your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, a good talking to and leave it at that.  Well, that did not happen, an arrest was made and now the Prosecutor is demanding that you appear in court and testify. And you do not want to testify, as a matter of fact, you want to drop the charges.

Under the California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1219, you have rights that protect you from testifying. Our office can help you protect those rights.

If this is your situation, I encourage you to call me so we can discuss your circumstances.

On the Federal Level:

Lying to an FBI agent is a serious federal offense.  Don’t do it.  Exercise your right to remain silent for the moment and call me.  Example: Martha Stewart went to prison, not for any substantive offense, but for saying something untruthful to the FBI.

The Federal Government has enormous powers. The Department of Justice and the United States Attorneys typically investigate and prosecute serious cases that concern high value target defendants. The investigation can cast a wide net. If the FBI wants to talk to you it may be as a witness, and you may or may not want to cooperate with that investigation.  My legal team can help you evaluate your interests and assist you in protecting your rights in dealing with a federal investigation.

Know Your Rights:

Whether dealing with local, state, or federal authorities, our office can protect your rights and interests as a witness.