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It is quite possible to get into a traffic mishap while driving from a party or running an errand after consuming alcohol. Albany DUI Lawyer can help in such situations. Hopefully, the consequences are not serious. Of course, it is best not to drive while previously or presently drinking alcohol, but it happens. In the process, blood alcohol levels may be accelerated above the legal limit; this might occur due to medication, time of consumption, person’s size, fatigue, or other factors.

Still, if your car is moving erratically and a police officer suspects you of impaired driving, generally, you will be stopped and checked for DUI. Fortunately, your attorney from Law Office Of Louis J. Goodman will understand these factors and possibly use certain aspects in your defense. Indeed, there is no guarantee. However, your chances of mitigating damages will be far better with a skilled attorney.

The Importance of Personalized Defense in Albany DUI Cases

Each DUI case depends upon the person, so how a case might go will vary with the individual. For example, some people are chronic drinkers. In contrast, another person may have mistakenly been pulled over in the heat of a roadblock specially designed to catch people driving under the influence. Nevertheless, this may be something that must be sorted out in court, and to discount the seriousness of such a case might become very costly.

Defending yourself from a threat is essential. Understanding the difference between DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) can impact your defense strategy significantly. In the case of a DUI charge (Driving Under the Influence), legal assistance is critical. A conviction can change your whole life, affecting your financials, family relationships, and even your freedom. DUI attorney consultation are invaluable in such situations. It is critical to know your rights, so if you are charged with a DUI, seek legal assistance immediately.

What Happens When You Are Arrested for DUI in Albany ?

The officer goes through several steps while evaluating. The assessment does not mean you are guilty of a crime; let your attorney work in your defense.

  • The stop
  • Observation
  • The search
  • Road test
  • Field sobriety
  • PAS test
  • Police report
  • Implied consent/Mandatory chemical test
  • Arrest/Detention/Release

Getting Through a DUI Stop Without Harming Your Legal Position

After a DUI stop, it is essential to cooperate with law enforcement. However, you need to protect your rights. Therefore, it is best to do nothing without consulting your attorney. Attorneys can file for dismissal if no actual cause for the stop is found.

  • Observation
  • The search
  • Road test
  • Field sobriety
  • PAS test
  • Police report
  • Implied consent/Mandatory chemical test
  • Arrest/Detention/Release

No Breathalyzer Tests

If you wonder if a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test – this is the test the police will ask you to take on the street – is mandatory, it is not. However, refusing this test is not the best decision if you have been arrested.

Best DUI Avoidance Strategy

DUI cases are overwhelmingly related to vehicular accidents. So, if you drink during festivities, let a non-drinker drive, stay over at a hotel, or use a taxi or Uber. You can even go to sleep in the BACK seat of the car with the ignition off and the keys out of the ignition.


A charge (Driving under the Influence) might place you in the position of paying for regular urinalysis checks, meeting a probation officer, jail, or job loss if your job requires a security clearance. In addition, you may face mandatory use of ignition interlocking devices, which the DUI is required to pay for and must be placed in service before the vehicle is started.

  • You could have your driver license revoked temporarily/permanently
  • You could have the right to vote taken away
  • The ability to purchase weapons.
  • Lose custody of your children.
  • Wear an ankle bracelet.
  • Go through evaluations.

No one wants to announce a DUI conviction to the world. In addition, the use of these devices is required for at least a year. DUI offenders also face high insurance costs, increased court costs, and long-term probation.

Why You Need an Albany Attorney for DUI Charges

Anyone finding themselves in need of a DUI attorney, our many years of experience make us ready to handle your driving under the influence case on every level. The DUI does not stop at alcohol but includes any substance that affects how a vehicle user takes a motor vehicle.

Got a DUI, contact a lawyer. A DUI is a criminal offense, and it will go on your record as a felony or misdemeanor. Depending on the level of the charge, even though your initial problems might have been a traffic violation. Without an attorney, this problem can be more profound. Charges are different in each state. An attorney can generally mitigate the consequences of a DUI arrest. Read our client reviews to see how we’ve helped others in similar situations.

DUI Penalties and Their Impact

If convicted of a DUI, there are forced education classes the state can initiate. The state can take your license, hampering your ability to reach your job and other obligations. No doubt, it won’t be easy to regain your driving privileges. If you are mentally impaired while driving, protecting your rights may not be your highest consideration, but it will be the job of your attorney. The more you’ve been drinking, the more severe the penalty.

  • Possible Penalties
  • Felony – Misdemeanor.
  • Expensive fines
  • Probation/Parole

A friendly drink among friends and a quick drive to the store are never expected to turn your life upside down. Yet, in some instances, it does. A quality attorney is trained to manage legal issues to maintain your best interest, no matter the circumstances. The job is to defend you.

If you are a drinker, it might be wise to chat with an attorney prior to festive activities; drinking and driving is not the smartest thing. However, knowing what you can and cannot do is better than making further mistakes after you find yourself in a bad situation.

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