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Facing Domestic Violence Charges? Our Oakland Domestic Violence Attorney Serves Alameda County. Every relationship is unique, presenting its own distinct challenges. Unfortunately, these issues can be complicated and emotional. As a result, parties outside the relationship can have difficulty determining appropriate behavior. For example, your spouse might have an emotional and/or physical breakdown and call law enforcement. If the police come to your home, their job is to de-escalate tension.

Law enforcement does not always review the situation to determine who is at fault. Therefore, it can be easy for circumstances to inadvertently work against you. Allegations of spousal abuse, child neglect, assault, stalking and other charges can damage your reputation. Furthermore, it can become difficult to own a firearm or find future employment. If you are not a citizen, these charges can lead to deportation. An Oakland domestic violence attorney can strengthen your defense.

The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman has been protecting the rights of the accused for over thirty years. Our Oakland domestic abuse attorney can use a domestic violence defense strategy that can protect your best interests. As a former Alameda County Deputy District Attorney, our domestic dispute lawyer can work to mitigate your risk. With a team of experts, our legal professionals can scrutinize evidence and cross-examine witnesses. Ultimately, our Hayward county domestic violence law firm can work to bring you a quick resolution.

How Can I Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges in Oakland?

Unfortunately, domestic abuse claims can be life-altering. In some cases, they even cause economic abuse. As a rule, the best way to defend domestic violence charges is to contact a California attorney. The longer you wait, the more time alleged evidence can pile up against you. In addition, the more time that passes, the longer your legal process may be. However, it is in your best interest to know how our Oakland, California domestic violence defense attorney defends these charges. Keep in mind that every case is unique, especially with California domestic abuse charges. Nonetheless, some common defenses our California domestic violence defense attorney can use may involve:

  • False Accusations: Your domestic violence charges may be thrown out through a false accusation defense. Since relationship communication is complicated, we can work to prove the charge is taken out of context.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Generally, evidence in domestic charges can involve visible injuries. However, there are other matters that can be used to scrutinize a claim against you. For example, you have a good defense if there are no emergency calls. Additionally, if there are no witnesses, this can help defend charges against you.
  • Acted in Self Defense: You may be the victim, despite charges against you. Even though you face a domestic violence charge, we can claim you acted in self-defense.

What Are My Rights When Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges?

If you have been arrested on a domestic violence charge, you have rights that are protected by law. In addition, you also have statutory rights that give you options. Most importantly, you have the right to remain silent until you have spoken to a domestic assault attorney. Protecting your rights is important if you want to try to dismiss or reduce the charges against you. If you believe the evidence is strong against you, our firm can negotiate with prosecutors. Contact a California attorney immediately to mitigate the risk of unknowingly waiving these rights. Some common domestic abuse claims our firm handles involve:

  • Stalking: Stalking charges can materialize if you follow someone in person or online. Our California criminal defense attorney can help defend against these subjective claims.
  • Harassment: You can face a domestic violence charge even if there has been no physical action. These claims allege that you have disturbed the peace or made a threat.
  • Child Neglect: In some cases, a party may claim that a child is neglected due to domestic violence or other home issues. Obtaining a child witness can work in your favor to prove you were not a cause of neglect.
  • Physical Abuse: Unfortunately, a spouse, family member or partner may claim you have physically hurt them. Fortunately, an Alameda county domestic violence defense attorney can help counter allegations that are not supported.

Arrested for Domestic Violence? Call Our Oakland Domestic Violence Defense Attorney for a Free Consultation

Are you feeling tension with your partner or members of your family? Are you facing domestic violence charges as a result of difficult and complicated life events? Unfortunately, your life can be changed forever if you are convicted of a domestic violence charge. In order to beat these allegations, you need an experienced and reliable attorney. For this reason, The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman’s Oakland domestic violence lawyer can defend you. We have experience working with a wide range of context-sensitive allegations.

Domestic assault charges in California can be serious. Since this is the case, our firm can work to build your defense. For decades, we have defended the accused from California domestic assault claims. If you are facing domestic violence charges, contact our domestic violence defense attorney. With a free consultation, we can review the details of your case and let you know how we can help. Call our office at 510-582-9090 or contact our firm online to schedule your consult.

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