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Arrested for a Federal Crime? Our Alameda County Federal Defense Attorney has been Defending the Accused for Over 30 Years

Allegations of committing a state crime are serious. However, a federal criminal allegation is much more severe. Specific federal legislation passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by the president governs these crimes. Since this is the case, the allegations against you can be life-altering. Not only do federal crimes have a high conviction rate, but also a high incarceration rate. Furthermore, almost any crime can be charged as a federal crime. If you believe you are under investigation or have been arrested, contact our Alameda County federal defense attorney.

We know how difficult this time can be for you and your family. Your future and any loved ones that count on you can be placed in jeopardy. For this reason, The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman believes in protecting those accused of a federal crime. With over 30 years of experience, our federal defense attorney is prepared to help you at any stage. Ultimately, we can work to dismiss or reduce the charges against you.

What Are Common Federal Charges and Consequences?

Generally, the federal government has ever-changing priorities when it comes to focusing on types of charges. Investment fraud, insurance fraud, tax evasion, online offenses, drug trafficking and weapon offenses are usually taken seriously. However, there are certain federal charges that are pursued even more aggressively. For example, federal drug charges have increased since the establishment of the federal Anti-Drug Abuse Act in 1986. In addition to the aforementioned charges, the two most common federal charges involve:

  • Federal Drug Charges: As a rule, federal drug charges are more serious than a California drug charge. Data shows that in 2010 over 90 percent of prosecutors won convictions against defendants. Of those convicted, over 90 percent were sentenced to prison. About half of these sentences are longer than 5 years. Furthermore, over 20 percent of incarcerated prisoners in California are sentenced due to a drug charge. Usually, these charges involve drug smuggling, drug trafficking or drug manufacturing.
  • Federal Theft Charges: The 18 U.S. code is a common tool used in federal theft charges. In general, this code involves theft of public money, property or records. Property valued less than one thousand can result in you becoming imprisoned for one year. If convicted of theft valued greater than one thousand, you face up to ten years in prison. In addition, common federal theft charges involve failing to deposit money and misuse of public funds.

What Is a Federal Defense Attorney?

Ultimately, California federal attorneys understand the nuance and arm reach of the federal court system. For instance, the government has many advantages. One of these advantages is their vast resources. Investigations can go on for years before resulting in an arrest. Since these investigations can last for so long, odds are the evidence against you is strong. Our Hayward county federal defense attorney has been defending victims for over 30 years. As a result of our federal lawyer’s experience, our firm knows what strategies can strengthen your defense.

You can face life-altering consequences without an Alameda county federal defense attorney. This is for a few reasons. First, the government will only pursue charges they believe are serious. Since this is the case, agencies such as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) can become involved. Therefore, your charges can involve many agencies, regulations, laws and other details. Without a legal professional, you can easily miss out on opportunities that can protect your best interests.

Federal Charges? Contact Our Federal Defense Law Firm for a Free Consultation

Have you discovered you are under investigation for a federal crime? Alternatively, have you been arrested for a federal crime and need immediate help? Without an experienced Alameda County federal defense lawyer, you face severe limitations to your freedom and liberty. If convicted, you can become ineligible for future employment, government programs and other benefits. Furthermore, even allegations of a federal offense can damage your reputation. You need a professional advocate on your side to combat the overwhelming resources of government.

At The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman, our Alameda County federal defense attorney has helped the accused for over 30 years. As a result, our firm has developed reliable and effective defense strategies. We can scrutinize evidence, analyze reports and cross-examine witnesses. If necessary, we can negotiate with federal prosecutors to reduce the charges against you. If you have been arrested, contact our firm online or call our Hayward county office at 510-582-9090. With a free initial consultation, we can review the details of the charges against you.


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