Federal Criminal Law Defense – Your First Step

Do I need an attorney to defend against federal criminal charges? While many of us have had slight brushes with the law, few have had contact with the federal criminal justice system. It’s likely that you would feel uncomfortable when faced with criminal charges, but charges at the federal level are even more complex and harrowing.

The nature and the structure of the federal criminal court system are unfamiliar because the rules and procedures are vastly differing from those on the state level. The justice system on the federal level is designed with one purpose in mind; punishment of the wrongdoer. The intended purpose of this punishment is to rehabilitate the offender or to deter him from future criminal acts. If all of this sounds frightening and overwhelming, it’s because it is.

The rules and intricate nature of the federal criminal law system are quite complicated to most people. Having the right attorney with the background, experience, and professionalism to see your case through the federal system isn’t something that should be taken lightly. The stacks are high and the processes are often frustrating and time-consuming.

However, a federal criminal charge is not necessarily the end of the road. In fact, there are many times when it can have positive results. Judges and prosecutors in the system are not interested in putting you in jail. There is a great deal of time and expense related to this. Because of this, many of these criminal cases are settled before they get to the trial process. While the federal government’s interest is to punish, there is a multitude of sentencing options where jail can be avoided.

Louis Goodman has been practicing federal criminal law defense for over 25 years. Your need to retain the premier criminal defense attorney is paramount to avoiding long-term incarceration. If you have been arrested your first step is to contact us to discuss your case in detail. Protecting your constitutional rights is our focus.

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