Ask A Leading Lawyer: How Many Points Is A DUI?

You can’t believe it. You swore it would never happen, it couldn’t. Yet here you are. After a DUI, a million and one thoughts race through your mind. What happens to your license? Will you face jail time? Rehab? Will people ever look at you the same?

Will your life ever be the same?

With 30 years of experience inside the judicial system, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Louis J. Goodman, has helped numerous clients protect their rights and secure positive outcomes.

If you’re facing a major hit to your driving record and wondering how many points is a DUI, don’t stress. Learn how the point system works, how DUI points work, and how these factors may affect your driving privileges.

How a DUI Arrest Impacts Your Driving Record

The way a DUI affects your driving record and adds points depends largely on the state and severity of your offense. Will you face suspension of your driver’s license? What number of points will you accrue? Can you remove points? Is removing points difficult?

All of these questions can be answered by a DUI attorney in your area.

Generally, most convictions for moving violations will receive points. The worse the moving violation, the more.

Reasons for Points on Your Driving Record

You can receive points not only for a DUI, but various other violations.

  • speeding
  • reckless driving
  • driving without a driver’s license
  • driving with a suspended license, and more

If you receive too many points, you may lose your driving privileges and face license suspension. For lesser points, you may simply have to attend traffic school. By attending traffic school, you may have the option to dismiss a traffic ticket.

With a DUI, however, you may face many other consequences. That’s why it’s critical you consult a seasoned DUI lawyer about the point system in your state. Overall, there are 5 things you need to know about how many points you could receive for a DUI.

(1) Every State’s DUI Arrest Point System is Different

You must immediately request a DMV hearing within a 10-day time frame of your DUI before they automatically suspend your license. In the California DMV Hearing, for example, a potential DUI suspension decision is based on factors like chemical test results, driving behavior, other motor vehicles involved, circumstantial evidence, and more.

A DUI in California, for instance, will get you two points. You can always ask your lawyer about consequences for moving violations, offenses, and other traffic infractions. If you think you face license suspension or serious hits to your record, ask your DUI attorney bluntly: how many points is a DUI?

Some states like Washington and Kansas don’t even have a point system. So be sure to consult a law office about the consequences of a DUI conviction, whether DMV points, traffic school, a restricted license, a suspended license, or anything else.

(2) DMV Points are Different Than Insurance Points

Your DMV and insurance company will utilize points differently to track speeding and other traffic infractions. The DMV will not give you points for a DUI charge, only for a DUI conviction. Too many points and you face suspension of your driver’s license. This is called an administrative suspension.

With insurance companies, most violations may lead to some kind of increase in your rate based on points. For instance, a DUI may lead to 6 points whereas another moving violation may incur just one. Be sure to contact your insurer and consult a DUI attorney about what happens if you’re convicted.

(3) A Driver Could Face License Suspension and Probation

Most moving violations impact your record in some fashion. This helps states and insurance companies track driving violations and punish the riskiest drivers. Contextual factors may play a large role. For example, if a road is wet, reckless driving violations may be more severe.

Again, it’s all contextual. If somebody runs a stop sign while marginally intoxicated, this offense will incur lesser penalties than if someone crashes into a school bus while extremely intoxicated.

License Suspension in California

In California, you can get your license suspended for six months and be put on 12 months of probation if you get four points in 12 months, six points in 24 months, or eight points in 36 months.

You can also get a “wet reckless” charge if you plead guilty or nolo contendere to a 1st offense DUI in California. You should consult various law offices to find the attorney right for your case.

(4) DUI Points Can Last a Decade

Depending upon your state laws, points from motor vehicle offenses may last from one to 10 years. Suspension varies, as do other consequences like jail time. In California, a drunk driving conviction can last for 10 years, depending on the severity. Discuss with local DUI attorneys any ways to mitigate these consequences.

For instance, you may be able to argue you were utilizing defensive driving, or that the other driver was driving erratically. Visit a local law office to determine how your license and record may be affected.

(5) You Can Reduce Drunk Driving Insurance Costs

After a DUI or traffic violation, insurance costs can skyrocket. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these hikes.

Firstly, you can look for different insurance companies or discounts. Secondly, you can have your insurer rescore your insurance to see if an improved credit rating helps you. Thirdly, you can take advantage of so-called accident forgiveness policies. Fourthly, you can increase your deductible to decrease costs for collision and comprehensive coverage. Finally, you can take a defensive driving course to prevent a violation from appearing on your record.

Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t apply to DUIs. Schedule a free consultation with a seasoned lawyer and make the most of the legal guidance available.

Finding a Top DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in California and are facing penalties, jail time, and more, don’t beat yourself up. You made a mistake, but you are only human. You deserve a second chance, to have your individual rights fully safeguarded.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes be difficult. The system is designed to work against you. If you’re struggling to make sense of what is happening and feel like your world is crashing down around you, you needn’t lose hope.

There are always ways to make substantial positive change in your life. There are always ways to find legal solutions that address the various consequences of the criminal justice system.

California Criminal Defense Attorney, Louis J. Goodman, has guided many clients in reaching such critical solutions in their DUI cases. After a free initial consultation, Mr. Goodman provides a written statement of fees and a pledge to work tirelessly to safeguard the individual rights of every client he represents.

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