DMV Admin Per Se Hearing

Have you been arrested for a DUI?

Did the officer give you a pink temporary license?
Have you read it?
Have you called DMV to schedule a hearing?

These are important things. I can’t tell you how many people have been given misinformation about this. They call DMV and DMV tells them that they should wait until the court date to do anything. WRONG! Do that and you’ll lose your right to a hearing. How about this? Only ask for a hearing if you are disputing the reason for the stop? WRONG! You should always ask for a hearing.

I really get upset when people call DMV to get some information in a time of need and just get run around or given bad info.

Here’s what you need to do: Call DMV within 9 days of the stop and ask for a hearing. Get the name of the person you talk to at DMV. Write down the date and time of the conversation. Here’s the phone number for Driver Safety in Oakland, California. If you were arrested in Alameda County this is where you need to call: 510.563.8900.

Have your pink temporary license with you when you call. Be polite and businesslike. Do not argue with clerk. Just get your hearing date and give them the information they request.

Call a local attorney to get representation specific to your case. The attorney can call DMV for you. But under no circumstances should you allow the 10 day window to pass without protecting this important right.

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