Not All Criminal Accusations Are Valid

The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is crumbling. Was there a shakedown? A conspiracy?

We’re going to find out. The point is just because there’s an accusation, an arrest, a “victim” making a statement, and the police making an arrest — That does not mean there is a crime.

This is why we have lawyers and it is why I believe doing criminal defense work is the highest legal calling. Criminal lawyers question everything all the time, and sometimes the answers to those questions bring about some unforeseen results. A few weeks ago DSK was all but convicted, drawn and quartered in the press, now he’s out of custody on the motion of the District Attorney! To the government’s credit, ethical prosecutors continued to investigate this case and began to ask the same questions as the defense attorneys.

What will be interesting to watch is the plea negotiation process. Will the DA dismiss the case or will they try to get a misdemeanor plea to a lesser offense? DSK has a lot to lose or gain, if the case is dismissed will he still run for President of France, and if so, how will this case affect his political fortunes?

A lot to think about on a number of levels. We’ll continue to watch.

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