Top Five Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Obviously, people who face criminal charges have a lot on their plate. For instance, the outcome of a criminal case could have life-altering implications. On top of this, you are probably considering whether you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. Many people decide against obtaining legal representation due to the fear of footing a large legal bill. Others believe that they can handle their own case. However, given the stakes of a criminal case, hiring an attorney has many benefits worth considering. Here are the top five reasons why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer:

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Knows the Legal System

Unfortunately, the legal system is complicated. Therefore, a successful defense in court requires a detailed understanding of the law. Also, it requires knowing how to use the law to your advantage.

At the same time, the actual court proceedings are often technical. Thus, representing yourself in court is a tougher challenge than you might expect. Luckily, criminal defense lawyers have gone through extensive schooling to understand the legal system. Further, an experienced attorney will have many years of practice under his or her belt.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Has Handled Cases Similar to Your Own

While knowledge of the law is a plus, a criminal defense lawyer with courtroom experience is even more beneficial. For instance, when an attorney handles a certain type of case, they learn how to best handle that case moving forward. This includes knowing what evidence to look for and present in court.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Fight to Get Your Charges Reduced or Case Dismissed Entirely

While this is the goal for all defendants facing criminal charges, many do not know how to best achieve it. Moreover, they may believe that the evidence against them is too strong to successfully fight their charges. However, a trained attorney will know each step involved in a criminal proceeding. Often, a subtle legal maneuver is all it takes to get a case dismissed or a charge reduced. Therefore, it is in your best interest to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Knows When to Negotiate a Deal or Plea Bargain

Along with fighting to get your charges reduced, a criminal defense lawyer knows when to negotiate a deal or plea bargain. For many people, this could mean the difference between extensive jail time and fines and satisfying the minimum penalties. Also, it is important to remember that even if you receive a guilty verdict, this does not necessarily mean that your penalties are set in stone. Thus, an Alameda County criminal defense attorney can provide you with tangible benefits.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Potentially Save You Money

While you may be concerned about paying for an attorney, facing criminal charges could mean potential jail or prison time and hefty fines. Also, spending time in jail or prison means lost wages and potentially a lost job as well. As such, hiring a criminal defense attorney could help you dodge many of these financially-draining outcomes.

Speak With an Experienced Oakland Criminal Defense Attorney

As a former Alameda County Deputy District Attorney, Louis J. Goodman knows his way around the legal system. He has represented clients in the criminal courts for more than 30 years. This includes clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges in a wide range of criminal cases. If you would like to learn more about what he can do for you, then leave a message or give the office a call at 510-582-9090.

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