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People sometimes like lawyers, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes someone says thank you and we really appreciate it. I received this message from a young woman who contacted me the other day. Fortunately, she really did not need my services, but we had a long talk about her fear of a criminal prosecution. With her permission I am posting her email below:

I wanted to just let you know privately how much relief I feel from your advice and your words…. I truly felt like I had no one to turn to to explain these situations to me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am and how much trust I have in you. I don’t trust people easily but I was able to trust you. I have been having panic attacks over this situation and the crime for months and last night was the first night I have slept in months. I truly admire how professional you are and how you handled the situation. I am also very comforted at the fact that you are genuinely interested in my research! I also find comfort in knowing that good lawyers like you are fighting for personal safety in the city. This is truly a huge issue and it brings me joy to know that you, even after all of your years in this city , are still fighting for us.

I’ll be sure to contact you if anything does come up… but I will trust your advice on that there is nothing much to worry about. I know there is always the chance but i truly appreciate your expertise on my case

Once again. Thank you.

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