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DUI arrest isn’t the worst that can happen to you in Hayward – unless you don’t have an experienced DUI attorney to work with you.

Experienced Former Prosecutor With Extensive Knowledge of California Criminal Justice System

When faced with a DUI charge, you’ll need a competent and experienced Hayward DUI attorney to get you off the hook. Often, people arrested for DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) are unaware of the severity of their case, with the penalties becoming steeper each day.

Without an excellent Hayward DUI lawyer, the legal process becomes too complicated, because there won’t be anyone to help you subpoena the police, question the Breathalyzer test’s accuracy, or request evidence. Thus, you need an experienced DUI attorney to fight on your side when the state throws the book at you. That way, the evidence against you will be minimized.

For over 30 years, the Law office of Louis J. Goodman has built a reputation and career by aggressively defending the accused. He has served in the judicial system in many capacities as a former Alameda County Deputy District Attorney, and a private practitioner.

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Given his broad experience, Goodman has defended numerous clients in Hayward, CA and and is notable for being a tenacious and successful representative of clients across San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Bay Area, San Leandro, San Ramon, Fremont CA, Pleasanton CA, Hayward CA 94545, and Hayward CA 94541. We also have law offices with DUI lawyers and we will draw up payment plans to help suit your pocket.

When Faced With DUI Charges, We'll Fight For Your Future

When arrested for DUI charges, especially one that involves an accident, several things might be going through your mind. You might be thinking of the consequences. Will you face a conviction or penalties? What will the California criminal law system hold for you?

We understand your fears and are here to hold your hand every step of the way to help you get out of such difficulties. With our extensive knowledge of California criminal law, we’ll take charge of your case to reduce your stress and ensure you get the best possible outcome by defending you aggressively.

Depending on the nature of your case, we might represent you in court, get you a penalty reduction, or have the charges dropped. However, we’ll first work hand-in-hand with you to analyze your situation and every possible option before developing a case strategy to enable us to win.

DUI Attorney Hayward

After DUI Arrest, Now What?

DUI is the most prosecuted crime in California. While we agree it’s a common crime, it can be scary, especially for first-time offenders. Thus, you’ll need to talk to experienced DUI lawyers to enable you to keep your license and get expert opinion on the type of defenses to apply to your case and possible penalties it might attract.

DUI is the most prosecuted crime in California. While we agree it’s a common crime, it can be scary, especially for first-time offenders. Thus, you’ll need to talk to experienced DUI lawyers to enable you to keep your license and get expert opinion on the type of defenses to apply to your case and possible penalties it might attract.

Anybody can get a DUI. So don’t fret too much when you somehow find yourself in a police car back seat and on your way to jail. Suppose you end up at a detention facility, Santa Rita, or Glenn Dyer and wondering when and how you got pulled over, it’s a common occurrence.

Was it near Emeryville Ikea, where people are often pulled over? Or while crossing the Bay Bridge? Did it happen on the 580, 24, 880, or 80 freeway? Regardless of where it happened, getting a DUI arrest can be pretty scary and overwhelming.

While your case may seem hopeless after you’re charged, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up going to jail. DUIs that don’t result in great bodily harm or an accident have less penalty that won’t lead to jail time; thus, with an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can get your license back.

However, each DUI case is different, especially if you aren’t a first-time offender or there was an accident.

It’d be best to seek solid advice about your specific case through free consultation with a good criminal defense attorney.

DUI Attorney Hayward

Felony DUI

As we mentioned earlier, DUI is a common offense in Alameda County. Sometimes, you might even unintentionally break the law, depending on your body composition and size.

DUI felony is when you, unfortunately, cause an accident that resulted in the death or severe injury of another. Just like in other felony cases, this incident might alter the course of your life for a long time.

DUI Attorney Hayward
While misdemeanor DUI might lead to several losses like damaged relationships, suspended license, debit, extra expenses from the breathalyzer installed in your car, and negative impact on your workplace, you can often overcome these challenges in under a year, and things will return to normal. On the contrary, DUI felony is a different ball game, and some of the consequences include:
  • Sixteen months to four years prison sentence
  • Parole after serving time
  • Extra fines sometimes up to $5,000
  • Complete an alcohol treatment program running from 18 to 30 months
  • Complete driver’s license suspension for a minimum of four years

Furthermore, a DUI felony can adversely affect your credit and, consequently, your ability to buy a new house, seeing as purchasing a new property depends on a strong credit score.

While the future looks grim for a person arrested for DUI, it’s not the end of the world. You should contact a seasoned DUI attorney as fast as you can to help you out. Look for someone with extensive knowledge of California’s justice system and its key players to help you get a reduced sentence or get the case dismissed. An experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of legal matters will help you put up a good DUI defense and avert any license suspension after your arrest.

Don't go in unprepared. Let us represent you.

If you are arrested for a DUI, you need to get an attorney, fast! With over 30+ Years of Experience, Louis J. Goodman can help you!

Work With an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Hayward

A DUI conviction can lead to heavy fines and a lengthy prison term. Even a short jail court sentence can disrupt your income-earning ability, public reputation, and driving ability, and you might even lose your driver’s license permanently.

When a DUI case is about to put your future at risk, you need a seasoned attorney, widely recognized for their criminal defense skill, ability to secure results, and ethical approach to legal matters.

The law office of Louis J. Goodman will provide you the best chance of dismissing or reducing the charges against you and even handle post-conviction matters such as driver’s license reinstatement.

Why Choose Goodman

We’re selective about the cases we take because we dedicate our expertise, passion, time, and commitment to ensure you get the best result when we take up your claim. Goodman specializes in personal injury claims, DUI defense, domestic violence, and other criminal matters across Hayward CA, and Alameda County.

We’re different from other law firms. We believe that a successful criminal defense entails understanding every detail of your case by putting ourselves in your shoes.

And when it’s time for trial, we come with over 30 years of trial experience. You need a Hayward DUI lawyer with criminal law experience.

Without good DUI lawyers, you’ll find it hard to understand the California criminal law system on your own. Even if the state assigns you a public, they might be unable to help you retain your license during DMV hearings.

When you work with good DUI lawyers, you increase your chances of getting a better plea deal during your DMV hearing, have your charges dropped, or win the case outrightly.

With extensive knowledge of law enforcement and the California legal system, Goodman understands the importance of safeguarding people’s rights. His experience as an Alameda County Deputy District Attorney makes him aware of the impact of judicial and legal advice on businesses, families, and individuals.

With a mission to help his clients make positive changes in their lives and use those changes to lessen the criminal justice system’s consequences, Goodman is committed to helping you get the best outcome from your DUI lawsuit and other criminal offenses. We specialize in DUI, Domestic Violence Defense, criminal law, and related practice areas.

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