A woman asked me whether she could bail her boyfriend who may or may not be on Parole.  Here’s my answer:

If he is off parole you should be able to bail him out.  If he is still on parole there will be a “parole hold” and he will not be able to bail.

Assuming he is eligible for bail, wait until he goes to court to bail him.  The bail could go down, he could even be released on his own recognizance (OR). Or, if you bail him and then he goes to court the judge and DA could raise the bail, put him back in custody, and then you are out the bail bond.
It’s tricky and best to consult a local lawyer before doing anything.

If you’re in Alameda County, you are welcome to give me a call.

Louis Goodman

Louis Goodman

Louis J. Goodman is a former Deputy District Attorney and experienced Alameda County Criminal Defense Lawyer, and can help you understand and exercise your Constitutional Rights.

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