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You’re Facing DUI Charges in the Dublin Area – Now What?

With a population of around 72,500 in 2020, and dubbed the 7th best place to live in 2018, Dublin is an ideal place to call home among the California hills.

Situated at the crossroads of two major highways: Interstate 680 and Interstate 580, Dublin sees its fair share of vehicle traffic – and hence, DUI/DWI cases.

A Dublin DUI is just as severe as in any other area and police officers do not take DUI cases lightly.

Consequences can range from limited driving privileges, administrative license suspension, hefty fines, and jail time if you have a DUI conviction.

The process itself can also be confusing and tiresome as you have to deal with field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results, and DMV hearings.

Without legal advice from a DUI attorney, Dublin DUI cases can become lengthy and cost you more than necessary.

So when facing a DUI in Dublin, or any of the nearby cities, the first thing to do is find a lawyer – more specifically a DUI lawyer.

Proper legal representation will work in your favor and experienced lawyers can help mitigate the consequences you face. And these can be quite dire.

What are the Potential Repercussions?

Driving under the influence is treated very seriously, and most states work hard to keep offenders off the road especially those with multiple convictions.

Usually charged as a misdemeanor, if you have three DUI convictions within the last ten years, your charge will be considered a felony.

Also causing injury or the accidental death of another person will result in you being charged as a felony.

Punishments range from fines, suspension of your license, and jail time, and the conviction will appear on your record for ten years.

Here are some of the penalties in Dublin, California.

Financial Consequences

First-time offenders can face fines from $390 to $1,800 in addition to court fees.

When combined with penalty assessments and substance testing fees, these fees can reach up to $18,000 – but average around $13,500.

License Suspension

An even bigger problem facing motorists arrested for a DUI will probably have their license suspended.

A DUI or DWI offender will likely face a license suspension by the court or at a DMV hearing. In Dublin, if you are facing your first DUI, you are likely to lose your license for up to six months.

A second DUI conviction will see you face a two-year suspension, and a third one is three years.

This period of license suspension will depend on if you have prior convictions and aggravating circumstances like an injury caused while you were driving.

The first thing you will face is consent to a blood or breath test. If you refuse, you are likely to face a longer suspension period from one to three years.

You may be eligible for a restricted license that will allow you to drive to school or work.

You will also have just ten days to make a DMV hearing request to contest your license suspension. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to handle this for you even without your presence at the hearing.
You could also be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) at your own cost.

This is a device that will require you to pass a breathalyzer test before you can start your car and may have to use it from 6 months up to two years.

Attend a DUI School

Depending on the circumstances around your DUI/DWI conviction, a judge might instruct you to complete a program at a DUI school.

Depending on prior DUI arrests, the type of class you have to take will vary.

  • Wet reckless: This is usually for a reckless driving charge involving a fairly low blood alcohol content and for a first-time offender. This is a 12 hour DUI program that costs around $270.
  • First offender: if you have no former DUIs, you can be required to complete one of three courses.
    • 3 month – 30-hour course
    • 6 months – 44-hour course
    • 9 month – 60-hour course

    The duration of this program will depend on your blood alcohol content and includes counseling, and drug and alcohol education. Costs can range from $850 – $1,850 and you can only miss 5-7 classes before meeting the court requirements.

  • Second-time offender: If you have 2 or more DUIs, you can expect to attend an 18-month course at a cost of $1,900 – $2,600 that will involve alcohol and drug education as well as counseling and reentry monitoring.
  • Third-time offender: This is a 30-month program for those who have three or more prior DUIs and a high BAC. Along with counseling, it will also require community service. You can be prepared to pay around $3,000 and miss only 15 classes.

Jail Time

The worst-case scenario could result in jail time. Although not common for first-time offenders, repeat convictions can result in jail time in Dublin.
The extent of jail time depends mostly on how many prior convictions you have and the nature of your offense.

  • First offenders can be jailed for a maximum of six months.
  • Second-time offenders may face time between 96 hours to one year.
  • Third-time offenders can be jailed from between 120 days to one year.

Let Our Extensive Knowledge Help Your DUI Defense

DUI/DWI is a complicated area of the law and needs to be handled quickly and professionally to minimize consequences meted out by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

A good attorney-client relationship and expert legal representation can be the difference between the withdrawal of a DUI charge and exorbitant penalties and prolonged jail time.

Your case will likely be heard at the Dublin – East County Hall of Justice depending on the specific area of your arrest.

Our Experience Can Give You the Upper Hand

First admitted to the State of Bar of California in 1980, Louis J. Goodman brings over 30 years of experience to each case that he handles.

Hired as a Deputy District Attorney in 1981, followed by a successful private practice from 1987, his unique perspective into both sides of the law to benefit all of our clients.

One way we can help you in dealing with prosecutors and work to get you a plea bargain for a lesser charge. A Dubin DUI lawyer will probably direct you to plead guilty to avoid harsher penalties.

California is one of the states in the U.S that allows people charged with driving under the influence to reduce the charge to a wet reckless charge.

This is best for first-time offenders where there are no aggravating circumstances and has a low blood alcohol concentration. This will help you keep your license and have less severe consequences.

An experienced lawyer can negotiate a favorable plea, and Louis Goodman has formed helpful relations in California law courts.

Don’t Pay Through the Nose

Lawyers often have a reputation of being unduly expensive -with some even charging per minute of their time.

On the other spectrum, some may seem cheaper, but this comes with the risk of hiring DUI lawyers without the sufficient skills required to offer authoritative representation.

You need to be sure to get the best criminal defense at a reasonable price that will guide you through this difficult period. A potential lapse in judgment does not mean you must forgo your freedoms, incur financial losses or impact your future plans.


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