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DUI’s are serious matters that require dedicated, serious legal representation.

Miscalculations in defense can lead to mistakes that may take years to rehabilitate.. If you forgo legal representation, be ready for an involved, prosecution-led process that may not be in your best interests, represent who you really are or the circumstances in which you were arrested.

It starts from the very beginning: after a DUI arrest, it’s up to the defendant to request a DMV hearing. If the DMV doesn’t hear from you, your license goes into suspension in 30 days.

In court, your ability to assess the strength of the prosecution’s case against you can be limited. Was the breathalyzer test administered improperly? Whether the arresting officer has proper DUI training and acted in violation of police protocol? Were the FSTs fairly administered?

The chance of any of this coming into play without an attorney is slim. An attorney plays an important role in ensuring that all admissible evidence is considered before the court date and that you get a fair shake before a judge. An attorney is an essential part of any DUI defense strategy. Trusted attorneys like Louis J. Goodman play a key role in helping our clients manage difficult, painful and serious situations, and help bring them to a manageable close.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Short answer: You could go to jail and lose your driving privilege.

The bottom line: this is too important to try to handle on your own. You need experienced litigators to get you the best representation possible and best possible results.

This is too important to tackle on your own. Let us help.

A lapse in judgement isn’t worth sacrificing years of your personal freedom and financial resources for.

Louis J. Goodmanservices has three decades of experience in legal practice and understands how to successfully defend DUI cases like yours.

The choice of whether or not to retain an attorney in DUI proceedings is ultimately up to you, but we hope you’ll weigh your options carefully when deciding on having an attorney by your side. You want someone with experience in legal proceedings like these.

We’re proud to be able to represent clients like you.
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  • 30 Years of Experience

    We’re an established, trusted expert in the field of DUI defense.

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    We have payment plans that fit your budget.

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    Depending on the case, you may not need to appear in court. Our attorneys will be on the case from start to finish and will work toward a solution that works.

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Don't go in unprepared. Let us represent you.

If you are arrested for a DUI, you need to get an attorney, fast! With over 30+ Years of Experience, Louis J. Goodman can help you!


This is too important to do without an attorney. Let’s work on this together to move through and past this difficult chapter.

  • Get a Full Analysis of Your Case

    We’ll work to develop a total understanding of the circumstances of your arrest and scrutinize each piece of the interaction to check for fairness and accuracy by the police.

  • Thorough Defense

    We’ll work with the court system to ensure your case is heard in full.

  • Trustworthy, Dependable Representation

    We’ll exhaust every legal avenue available and request every piece of evidence to find any weakness or mistakes in the prosecution that could assist in your defense.

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Your DUI Defense Attorney

First thing’s first: there’s no such thing as an impossible case.

A drunk driving charge can present problems of proof in the presence of a skilled attorney. Every piece of evidence has to align to defeat a formidable defense.

For example, blood alcohol content (BAC) readings. While these measurements may appear to be irrefutable to the untrained eye, we understand there’s a lot of variables that need to be scrutinized in these readings. Equipment conditions and officer training are just a couple of the features that need to be looked at before a blood alcohol content reading is admitted in a court of law.

A private DUI attorney can help you spot legal particularities in pending DUI changes like these.

No DUI case has a certain outcome. There are a broad range of factors including prior alcohol related offenses, whether reckless driving was found to be a factor in the citation, and the applicable local and state DUI laws that our clients will have to navigate through in the court of their legal case.

The difference between a successful DUI defense and one that’s not is often an experienced, trustworthy law firm. A DWI attorney who understands the landscape will show up ready to assess the worthiness of the prosecution’s case against a client from the top down. They’ll be able to provide critical and needed legal advice to help the client win the best outcome on their proceedings.

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How We Do This

  • Free Initial Consultation

    We'll first meet with you to establish an attorney client relationship and an understanding that will help us be successful in a criminal court case such as this.

  • Full Analysis of Your Case

    We're not giving up your driver's license or your rights without a fight. We promise rigorous analysis of your case, whether this is your first DUI charge or you're facing a drunk driving conviction on top of a more serious offense.

  • Robust Representation

    We'll stay with you from the start of your case to the finish.

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Reported blood alcohol level is a factor admissible in court, it's normal to decline to cooperate with these tests, regardless of your alcohol intake at the time and the legal limit wherever you happened to be stopped.

Unfortunately, it's also illegal. In the state of California, driving privileges are conditionally offered with the agreement that you will consent to a BAC test. The law provides exceptions for drivers who decline the test for medical reasons, such as hemophilia. But cooperating with this specific part of the field sobriety test is unfortunately mandatory.

Nevertheless, conditions apply that may complicate a BAC test taken on site. For example, police officers routinely decline to inform defendants of the consequences of refusing to take a blood alcohol test. This is a court admissible factor that could invalidate whatever the results of this test turned out to be.

It's also possible to sidestep the consequences of a BAC test refusal through a plea bargain.

These are serious factors in a DUI case that only an attorney is qualified to handle. If these apply to your case, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with Louis J. Goodman to strengthen your defense and build the best case for your specific situation.

Usually, what happens is the arresting officer will take your license at the time of arrest. A temporary license will either be issued at the time of release from jail.

We can often avoid a license suspension.

Yes, but the Judge will advise you to get a lawyer, and if necessary, give you time to do that. A criminal case, DUI included, is a serious matter that should be handled by professionals.

Almost all DUI lawyers, Louis J. Goodman included, offer a free consultation for anyone who's exploring the idea of hiring legal defense to prepare for coming proceedings and court dates that follow a DUI charge. Prospective clients would do well to at least consider the option of hiring a legal professional to handle their DUI proceedings.Self representation will almost always result in poorer outcomes in a criminal case. We strongly urge you to take advantage of a free consultation with us before you take any other action in your DUI case.

10 years. However, this doesn't mean that you can't get DUI charges expunged after a certain amount of time. If you've already served all the penalties, have no pending court dates and you're not currently facing any other criminal charges.

If your DUI arrest happens with a child present in the vehicle, you'll be subject to all the penalties of a normal DUI,  and a prosecutor may also charge you with what's known as a "DUI with a Minor" sentence enhancement. The prosecutor may also opt for a "Child Endangerment" charge which plays a similar role of enhancing a DUI charge.

While neither of these items alone would result in a defendant losing their child, the case may be reported to Child Protective Services, which does have the power to remove a minor from custody should they determine the environment or guardian unfit to raise a child.

A "DUI with a Minor" sentence enhancement would only apply to individuals present in the car who are under the age of 14 at the time of the incident.

In our view, these types of enhancements don't have any place within the proceedings of a DUI charge. Indeed, in the past these were seldom used in cases where defendants are being prosecuted under DUI law. They've become more frequent in DUI arrests.

DUI attorneys are capable of protecting their clients' freedoms, their financial resources and their peace of mind. Getting sound legal advice for a matter like this can be the difference between having a drunk driving charge change your life for years or a mitigation of consequences.

First, regarding the cases themselves, DUI law has a high standard that a defendant must meet before prevailing in a drunk driving defense and winning their case, but it is possible. Even hard proof, like a BAC test, can be scrutinized and may not be admissible in court if it was administered improperly, for example.

How else can the case come in your favor then?

A case could be dismissed. This is as good as beating the case because it's equivalent to your never having been arrested in the first place. A DUI lawyer can win such an outcome if they're able to prove that the evidence against you is inadequate or if they're able to broker a deal with the prosecution.

Additionally, you as a defendant can be found "not guilty." In instances where the evidence that's being used against a client is found to be weak or dubious in nature, you may prevail against the prosecution. If the charges can't be waived or cancelled and a defense attorney isn't able to successfully impugn the findings of law enforcement, private lawyers are still usually able to reduce the charges or protect select client freedoms. Legal representation could get you a case outcome where you keep your driver's license. 

In short, a DUI attorney with an experienced law firm has the best chance of securing a positive outcome for a client that finds themselves having to mount a drunk driving defense.

Heard enough? Let's sit down for a free consultation.

Don’t waste anymore time going through attorney listings to find the right person to help you mount a solid defense. Your case and your future depend on you making the right move in a situation like this.

Louis J. Goodman brings 30 years of legal expertise to the courtroom. We’ve defined ourselves by thorough, professional, responsible and strong representation. We’re with you through the life of your case to make sure you get the outcome you’re looking for and get through this difficult period with your finances, your reputation and your livelihood intact.

Trust the professionals at the Law Office of Louis J. Goodman to help you put your best foot forward in this difficult moment. This is too important to go through alone.

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