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Have You Been Arrested for a DUI in California?

Our Alameda County DUI Lawyer Can Scrutinize Evidence and Bolster Your DefenseAlameda County DUI Lawyer Louis J. Goodman

Are you facing a DUI charge? Without acting quickly, a DUI charge can have an immediate negative impact on your life. If you do not act within 30 days, your driving privileges can be revoked or limited. As a result, you can face obstacles with returning to work and lose wages. Furthermore, penalties can be much more severe if you are a repeat offender. In addition, California has a troubled bail bond system. According to a 2018 LA Times report, even low-level offenses can carry jail time. Fortunately, an Alameda County (Oakland, Fremont and Dublin) DUI lawyer can help you mitigate risk and protect your best interests.

For over three decades,the Law Office of Louis J. Goodman has defended people against allegations of driving under the influence. Louis J Goodman, an Alameda County DUI lawyer’s success stems from his experience and compassion. We handle each case with a pragmatic and aggressive approach that can mitigate your risk and protect your best interests. Our experience with the California legal system can help us tip the scales in your favor. Ultimately, we can offer immediate representation with a wide variety of successful legal strategies based off time tested defense options.

What Are the Penalties for Drunk Driving in California?

As a rule, the standard for defining drunk driving is determined by blood alcohol content (BAC). A BAC of 0.08 percent or higher constitutes a drunk driving charge. If you are convicted with a BAC of 0.08 or higher, be prepared for severe penalties. Unfortunately, these penalties can affect your daily activities almost immediately. As a result, you may find yourself missing time off work, paying fines or other issues. For this reason, you should contact an Alameda County DUI lawyer to mitigate penalties in your case. Some penalties for a drunk driving charge in California involve:

  • Fines: Your initial drunk driving fine is only the beginning of possible economic costs. In addition, your insurance can be revoked. Furthermore, odds are your premiums will increase. You may also have to pay out of pocket if the court requires you to complete a treatment program.
  • Jail Time: Unfortunately, you can go to jail for even a first time DUI conviction. Alternatively, a court can order community services. In either case, you can miss out on valuable time better spent elsewhere.
  • Suspended License: Generally, you have ten days to respond after your arrest. Afterward, your license can be suspended. Unfortunately, this penalty can happen even if this is your first California drunk driving offense.

What Evidence In a DUI Case Can Be Challenged?

In California, drunk driving is a criminal offense. Since this is the case, local law enforcement can try to use evidence against you. For this reason, Louis J Goodman, an  Oakland DUI lawyer can work to challenge any alleged evidence against you. With a team of experts, we can scrutinize reports and work to identify any errors. This could lead to legal defense options in your defense. Since every case is unique, the best way to protect your interests is to contact a California DUI attorney. After review, our firm can work to challenge:

  • Evidence: A judge or jury can consider various types of DUI evidence related to your intoxication while driving. For example, law enforcement or a witness may claim there were symptoms of intoxication. This can include, smell of alcohol, slurred speech, blood shot eyes, face flushing and/or trouble with mobility. In addition, a judge or jury can consider your statement after your traffic stop.
  • Field Sobriety Test: Breath or blood tests are routinely used at traffic stops. However, these tests are not always accurate. In some cases, the validity of your California field sobriety test can be challenged.
  • Administrative Errors: Police reports for a Alameda County DUI charge detail specifics about your event. In general, these specifics detail if you took a test, the time of the alleged offense and other details. Errors in this report can be used to strengthen your defense.

Arrested in Alameda County for a DUI? Contact Louis J Goodman, an Alameda County DUI Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Is your life interrupted by drunk driving charges? Are you looking to clear your name after arrest? Confused about your rights and what defense strategies can mitigate risk? After you are charged with a DUI, you need a local and experienced attorney who can quickly answer your concerns. You also need someone who can immediately represent you and get you back on your feet. Our Oakland DUI lawyer can help mitigate risk, bring peace of mind and strengthen your defense.

Unfortunately, a DUI conviction can stay with you for the rest of your life. For this reason, you need to be represented by a reliable attorney. The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman has been defending the accused for decades. As a result of our experience, we know how to minimize the impact these charges can have. With a free consultation, our firm can review the details of the allegations against you. Contact the Law Office of Louis J. Goodman online or call our Alameda County office at (510)582-9090 today.