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Dedicated Legal Representative With Decades of Experience

One of the many facts of life is that things can’t always go your way; you win some and lose some. However, that rule goes out the window in a DUI defense case because you can’t risk defeat, especially when considering the dire consequences after your DUI arrest and possible trial.

Imagine serving a lengthy prison sentence or paying a hefty fine; scary, right? We know!

But then, the only assurance of victory you have in any lawsuit, especially as a repeat offender committing DUI in Emeryville CA is an experienced Emeryville DUI attorney, and we all know top professionals in any field are hard to come by.

Fortunately, though, your long search for a qualified legal representative for your DUI case ends here. Suppose you’re faced with a DUI arrest or other criminal charges; consider reaching out immediately to Louis J. Goodman, Emeryville DUI Attorney with over 30 years of experience practicing criminal law across several roles, including private practice and Deputy District Attorney.

If experience matters in choosing an Emeryville DUI lawyer, then you can’t make a better choice than Louis J. Goodman. As a former prosecutor and previous Alameda County Deputy District Attorney, he has seen the judicial system from several perspectives, with expertise and knowledgeable insights gathered from tons of cases handled throughout his career.

Knowing the impact legal decisions have on our individuals, families, and businesses, Louis J. Goodman has dedicated his career to helping his clients minimize the consequences of the criminal law system, get justice, and safeguard constitutional rights.

With a team of dedicated legal professionals, The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman scrutinizes evidence, analyzes reports, cross-examines witnesses, and negotiates with persecutors to get you the best possible outcome in criminal and DUI cases.

So yes, losing shouldn’t be an option in criminal litigation, especially with our law firm representing you.

An Arrest Shouldn’t Be the End of Your Life

For most people, committing a DUI in Emeryville and getting arrested for it is a serious life consequence. The thought of having a criminal record and the serious consequences that could follow can be daunting. And, for many people, the choices are limited in the face of a trial.

However, with the right criminal defense attorney on your side, your arrest doesn’t have to be the end of your world; instead, it can even become a fresh start. How?

Let’s assume you’re facing DUI charges with possibilities of a license suspension; the right DUI lawyer can show the judge or DA that you’re not the type of person that should go to jail. And, instead of a license suspension and restriction of your driving privileges, the court and DMV could mitigate your consequences.

The truth is, if you find yourself facing a drunk driving charge, you probably don’t know all there is to know about DUI laws. You’re not a DUI criminal defense attorney, after all.

But, experienced DUI lawyers know that the legal system provides several options for you in a DUI conviction, and with proper defense, you can work away a free person.

That’s why you should reach out to our law firm for legal advice on what you can do to escape the consequences of a DUI criminal charge. With more than 30 years of experience analyzing drunk driving laws, very few Emeryville DUI lawyers can do a better job.

Don’t Risk Your Future

Federal and state laws in the United States can be pretty strict, with dire punishments for some crimes. And while you may not necessarily go to jail or face other severe criminal penalties, a criminal record could have some adverse effects on your work and social life in Alameda County.

You could become ineligible for housing, employment, education grants, food share programs and even face a driver’s license suspension (for drunk driving and DUI charges).

Of course, California laws allow you to expunge a criminal record, but even that can be a challenging process if you don’t have legal assistance.

As such, you want to hire the best legal hands in Alameda county to help you clear your name and avoid any administrative and criminal penalties.

Louis J. Goodman is one of the best hands for the job in Emeryville, CA. Not only does he have the track record and experience, but he works hard to foster an attorney-client relationship with those he represents to ensure you’re always in tune with what’s happening.

Even if you’re unsure if you need legal representation, you can still reach out to our firm for a free consultation. We’ll be more than willing to take a look at your case to figure out what you need.

What About Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injury cases can be challenging to manoeuvre, whether you’re the victim or the accused. It gets worse when you decide to handle it on your own.

Personal Injury jury trials involve a lot of court processes that you could get lost in because you don’t have the required experience or training. Even a defense attorney finds it tricky at times to find their way around the court system.

But still, with a trial lawyer on your side, the hassle you’ll go through reduces significantly. Your defense attorney often serves as a buffer between you and the court, handling all the strenuous and technical details.

They can help you put together evidence and a police report, interview witnesses, and process every other necessary document before your first court date. And whether you’re the victim or the accused, they know how to present your case before the jury to get you justice.

But like we said earlier, combing through the vast population of trial lawyers for the right one can be an arduous task. And, the same way the right lawyer can save you from the penalties of a crime charge, working with the wrong law firms can damage your case.

And we don’t want you to face that reality. The Law Office of Louis J. Goodman, is associated with a network of outstanding Personal Injury professionals.

Thanks to his experience as a Deputy District Attorney and years of Defense experience, Louis Goodman knows how to negotiate before California courts and ensure you don’t get a punishment you don’t deserve, especially for repeat offenders.

How Can You Beat a DUI Charge in Emeryville?

Many people in Emeryville, CA, and other nearby cities often shy away from hiring legal aid because of the cost of office consultations. However, we don’t charge for office meetings or phone calls, so that shouldn’t hinder you.

We’ll help you understand your case and the options available to you during the meeting, and you’ll leave our firm with peace of mind. After the consultation, we’ll provide a written statement of fees for you to consider before hiring us as your legal aid.

We approach our clients with compassion and empathy, ensuring that the procedures involved in clearing their cases are as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our defense attorneys handle each lawsuit with professionalism and dedication so our clients can walk free and go about their lives in no time at all.

Across California, we cover the following courts: Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Oakland, East County Hall of Justice (ECHOJ) in Dublin, The Fremont Courthouse in Fremont, and The Juvenile Court in San Leandro.

If you’ve been charged with a drunk driving offense or any other crime in any of these locations, give us a call as soon as possible, and let’s work together to get justice.

As we’ve earlier said, an arrest could turn out to be a bright new start for you rather than the end of your life, and we’re more than willing to make that happen.


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