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Legal Advice For Your DUI

If you’re facing a DUI conviction, you could be about to receive a serious penalty. Every state takes driving under the influence seriously and you’re not only looking at possible fines, but jail time, too. You also need to act within just 10 days of being served or you’ll risk your driving privileges being revoked or limited. There’s no doubt that this is a serious legal matter and if you’re not an expert in criminal law, now’s the time to find someone who is.

That’s where our DUI lawyers can help. With expert knowledge, plenty of experience, and a positive reputation in Livermore, we can help you tackle your DUI offence head-on.

How We’ll Help You Minimize Your Sentence

Even if it’s your first offense, a DUI can carry serious punishment. Your DUI lawyer will go through a series of processes to resolve your case and leave you with a result that allows you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The first step will be to see if they can get the case overturned on Constitutional grounds. If they can find constitutional violations, for example, they can have your entire DUI dismissed.

If your case can’t be dismissed, your DUI lawyer will focus on keeping you out of jail. Holding onto your driving license will also be high on the priority list, as will ensuring that the whole process is as stress-free for you. We know that a legal case against you is worrying, and we’ll do everything we can to ease your concerns.

Your DUI lawyer will then go through the police file with a fine-tooth comb. They’ll thoroughly review any videos, interview any witnesses, and judge the relevance of any other evidence that’s available and could be used against you. You’ll then sit down together and go through their personal recommendation for how to move forward.

Benefit From Decades of Experience

Our criminal law firm has over three decades of experience fighting DUIs. If you’re concerned about your case, knowing you have a team that’s been through similar trials countless times should help your peace of mind. While every case is unique, it’s likely we’ll have worked with someone with a similar case to yours previously, and that will give us an instant head start.

We know what to do with the evidence against you, how to make it less damaging, and if there’s an opportunity for your entire case to be dropped then we’ll find it. With an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you should feel a lot better about dealing with your DUI.

What Evidence Will Your DUI Attorney Challenge?

When you’re served with a DUI, local law enforcement will build up a case against you. They’ll compile evidence that can lead to you being given jail time or a fine if you’re found guilty. The job of our DUI lawyers is to challenge that evidence in order to lessen your punishment or have your case dismissed.

There’s a variety of ways we can do this. We’ll look to challenge:

Field Sobriety Test

If you’ve done a breath or blood test that showed you weren’t sober, this will be used against you. However, these tests aren’t 100% accurate so our law firm will argue that it isn’t concrete evidence.

Admin Errors

A report will have been written up detailing your case by the local law enforcement. We’ll search through for errors and any found can be used in your defense.

Evidence of Your DUI

A selection of evidence will be used by the judge to determine your guilt and appropriate punishment for the DUI. We’ll prepare a defensive case before the trial to argue against the evidence and make it less compelling to the judge and jury.

Choosing the Right Lawyers in Livermore Matters

When fighting a DUI, choosing a team of DUI lawyers who can fight your case properly is absolutely vital. Your DUI lawyer should be professional, experienced, and confident in their abilities. Even if you know you’re not guilty or don’t deserve jail time, if the evidence is stacked against you and you don’t have brilliant criminal defense attorneys, you could end up with a negative outcome.

Fighting a legal trial isn’t easy. Law enforcement is trying to do their job to keep California safe and the judge may not be lenient. DUIs are a serious criminal offence in this state and are always taken seriously. But with our Livermore DUI lawyers, you have a much better chance of winning your trial and leaving the courtroom with your license and freedom intact.


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